A light and colorful journal about Community life and Permaculture

Aaaaand..IT’S A WRAP!! 🙂

Tic-tac, tic-tac..7 months have passed and our EVS Program ended.

In May I arrived in Schloss Glarisegg (Steckborn, Switzerland) and I started calling it “home”. At that point I had little clue about how this experience will be. All I knew was that I was one of the two participants in a European voluntary service in Swizterland and I was suppose to live in a small-small village (50 members) and to work outdoors (my dream!), in a nice garden (the other volunteer was Alessandro from Italy – my partner in crime :). Everything that followed  was an everyday nice surprise: the adventure of being part of a Community and discovering a new world, Permaculture, a totally different way of living and thinking, a new language, festivals/events in the heart of the mountains, hot summer days spent by/on the lake, learning how to grow my own food and to love nature even more with all its richness, taking my first steps into meditation, yoga sessions, adding new delicious vegetarian recipes to my personal folder, learning to communicate more and better, meeting a beautiful bunch of fascinating and inspiring people, learning that giving up my personal space for a honest bear hug can be scary at the beginning but it’s such an effective way to get a positive, loving mood in a glance..

Looking back, 2013 was  definitely a unique, wonderful year for me that had a strong impact on myself and my idea of what to do next, what/who makes me happy.

2013, Thank you for bringing me so much novelty! Looking forward to see what 2014 will bring! Happy New Year!!!


On 24th of November we organized a Abschiedsparty (Farewell Party).

Our project was rushing to the end so we were happy to have the chance to have a nice evening with our garden team and the other community members where we could talk about our background, about  our project after living for 7 months in Schloss Glarisegg eco-village and the impact of this experience on us. It was a very cozy night with stories, nice music and surprises! Thank you all for the beautiful memories!! 🙂

Rüdiger is a creative person, he sees new instrument in the wood and he has a great ability in bringing them to life.

Winter ist da!

First snow in Glarisegg and last working day in the garden : ) 😦

My first time to eat Raclette. Love it!!

Our time for our beautiful Permaculture Project in Glarisegg is almost up! 7 months have come and gone day by day and we found ourselves doing last things in the garden at the end of the season.It was beautiful seeing our garden blossoming and giving us rich harvest over the summer and now we are preparing it for winter and for a new colorful year. Thank you, beautiful garden for giving us food and love in the last months!


“Nature never goes out of style.”

Oh, how I’m gonna miss this view! : )

Hausaufgaben, Hausaufgaben, Hausaufgaben! 😀


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My wonderful colleagues that taught me to love nature even more.