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EVS Schloss Glarisegg 2013 in retrospective

Aaaaand..IT’S A WRAP!! 🙂

[23] Marco’s Self-service bio-shop

Marco’s shop across the street was my first contact with a self-service shop.

The shop is open 24/7  and most of the time Marco (the owner of the shop) is not there. Whenever you need/feel like buying fresh bio veggies/ juice/ some milk/ meat etc, you can go to the shop, take what you need and leave the money in the little red cash box. If you have no money on you, just write down in your little blue notes book (you find them in the shop)  what you took and you can make the payment some other time.

Shortly after I first visited Marco’s shop to buy my bio milk,  I found out that Stefanie’s souvenir shop inside our community and our garden shop work based on the same system. It’s all about trust and I would so much love to see this system working in Romania as well some time soon!

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