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On Thursday evening we were invited by Ilona (the Creative Workshop’s owner) to have our Orientation Team meeting in her atelier. It was a brilliant idea. We were given everything needed for painting and then we were encouraged to start putting on paper whatever came to our minds. We started. After a few minutes Ilona asked us to stop painting and just take the place of the person in our right and to continue working on his/her painting, in the same theme started by its author. We repeated the move for 3 or 4 times. Looking back at my original painting I could see the nice “alien” touches of my colleagues that made it even more interesting. It became less predictable for me. At the end we were encouraged to pick the painting that we liked most (our own or one of another colleagues) and to put on it a final touch and that would became our own to take home at the end of the workshop. I chose Alexander’s painting – it was colorful (just like mine) and the exchange gave me a nice feeling of sharing.

I would love to have any talent on painting but the sad truth is that I don’t. At all. But I really love colors generally and since painting is essentially about colors, makes it a nice relaxation activity. It’s also nice to notice how new inspiration comes with every brush strike.


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  1. Alexandra said:

    Ce frumos Lau!!! :*

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