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Even before arriving to Glarisegg I was very curious to meet my new bikie! In Amsterdam my bike was my great, faithful friend for 4 years so now it’s hard to imagine life without a bike. Amsterdam (and The Netherlands) is known for it’s flat land so I never really needed a bike with gears there. Switzerland is a lot different so I’ll have to get used to using gears now.  Also, unlike in Amsterdam,  perfect breaks are vital here. My new bikie has it all! even a baby-sit! no baby though! 😀 I decided to keep it and use it for carrying my grocery shopping. And while biking one day I heard the wish for “have a good biking/good trip/good journey” in German: “Gute Fahrt!” (from “fahren” = to bike/to drive). Interesting word.


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"It takes more than a good memory to have good memories."

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