A light and colorful journal about Community life and Permaculture

I fell in love with Amsterdam at first sight 4 years ago when I arrived there for my studies and I haven’t stopped loving it since then. For me, it is the most beautiful, cheerful and cozy city I ever visited in Europe so far. And I got to live there. Lucky me! Every time I go out (even just down to the supermarket), I feel my heart beating faster and a huge smile suddenly appears on my face. That’s the Amsterdam effect! The small streets, canals full of boathouses and simple boats, happy bikers, swans and ducks swimming chilled on Red Light District canals, the cute Dutch houses, smiley faces everywhere and my amazing, dear friends.. I’m madly in love with Amsterdam!

For all these reasons I was worried a bit that I might not enjoy living away from Amsterdam, in a Swiss small village. Amsterdam is a very lively, touristic city, the place where everyday you meet new people and hear new amazing stories from all corners of the Earth, the city with the most nationalities in the whole world (177!). On the other hand, from my readings I knew that Schloss Glarisegg was a small eco-village, a Community of about 50 members beautifully located between a forest and lake Konstanz but still, so different from my Amsterdam.

I arrived in Glarisegg on 1st of May and I realized right away that this was the best place I could choose for my Amsterdam break. The best word to describe the place is “heavenly!”. My new home is in the middle of the nature – I wake up every day to a beautiful green view, the sing of the birds and smiley&kind faces.

I am writing this post one month after my arrival to Glarisegg. Since then I’ve learn a lot of new things about the Community I live in and about Gardening (Permaculture).  Details in future posts : )

Peace, love and joy!


Comments on: "[06] From Amsterdam to Glarisegg eco-village" (2)

  1. Codin said:

    A bit too much peace if you ask me… 😛

  2. haha we’ll see if you’ll have the same opinion when you’ll come and visit 😀

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