A light and colorful journal about Community life and Permaculture

[02] I am here

So Much LoveWords & Music by Michael Stillwater
Never thought there could be so much love
Never knew there were so many colors.
Used to think that God was somewhere high above.
Now I know that God is in each other.So much love inside of me, only want to set it free,
Taking off the ceiling to reveal the sky.

I am here to release all of my fears, 
Come to peace with all my tears
And discover what it means to be alive.

Used to be afraid to say I love you
Now I know that I can really care
There were times when I didn’t think that I could pull through
Then you taught me what it means to really share (Chorus)

Confused so very long I grew unclear
‘Bout exactly what my purpose was for living
There were places in my heart I never would go near
‘Til I found out that my life is here forgiving (Chorus)

Together we have come so very far
Nothing in this world by which to measure
It’s like travelling beyond the fartherst star
Just to find inside our heart the buried treasure.(Chorus)


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